Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Beguinners

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When it comes to the subject of the best guitar strings for beginners in my opinion Its all about the “Feel”!

I have been playing guitar for over 20 years, so its a little hard to remember when i starting playing. I guess i’ll have to jug my memory for this post …. LOL..

I was so confused when i first starting playing I have no idea of what was good what was not,or even what i liked other than the music i liked to listen to.

When I started i remember finding an acoustic in a hall closet, it had been there for years, it was in fact my mothers. Her friend from had given her this guitar as a gift some time before ( I found out latter ). to me it was a like finding a treasure, it had no strings and was entirely forgotten about. What a find! i thought. And thus began my journey :-).

So there I was a good old guitar and no strings. I knew there was music store in town , but it was good bit away from the house and I liked to ride my bike, perfect ! I did some work around the house to earn enough money to get my first set of strings. $4.00 was all needed back then. Funny to think how little they costed all those years ago.

Anyway, after completing some weed pulling and taking out of the garbage my parents were willing to let go of the whopping $4.00 bucks i convinced  them that I needed and was driven to earn, Hey I had a goal ! I had to PLAY! So off  went to the local music store and there I faced with the more questions then I had Anticipated.

I couldn’t believe all the different types of strings that were there steel,bronze and nylon  electric, Heavy, medium, light  the list as kept on growing. One of the store Attendees  Seeing  my eyes wide open and Growing   larger All the time, ask  if I need any help a ” yeah I have an old acoustic guitar ,  but I’m not sure what the strings to get for it, He suggested a set of D’Addarios.

I raced home and install them as quick as I could. And anyone know how tune it but i was going to give it my best. “Zen in your mind and a shot” my Brother used to say. Who the hell knows what that’s supposed to mean. I guess I got a little sidetracked there.

Any way back to the main point. What I found From  playing guitars all these years is in the beginning it’s better to use a light gauge  string . Because you  haven’t developed your hand Strength yet and playing a stringed instrument requires a lot of hand strength.

Over the years I have also developed a preference to bronze and strings for acoustic guitar. I found I really enjoyed the warm tone that bronze strings produce. And I found that bronze strings also wear down the frets less as you play overtime.

There’s nothing wrong with steel strings I use them for quite some time as well. Part of the process of learning what you like is experimenting with different types of string. And I did plenty of that. So as far as I’m concerned I would recommend a light gauge bronze stirring.

Here are few Acoustic Guitar String suggestions to start you off…

daddario best acoustic guitar strings for beginners

Here are some D’Addario Light Bronze strings.


Great Bright and warm tone!


Also good for beginners devolving finger strength!

martin & co. best acoustic guitar strings for beginnersMartin & Co. is another quality string maker.


I have played on these strings as well, you can expect to get a


brilliant warm and bright tone with these as well!

elixir best acoustic guitar strings for beginners
These Elixir stings will run you a little more on cost however they

are well worth the difference in price  in terms of longevity. The

POLYWEB coating protects the string from corrosion, without

sacrificing tone!


ernie ball best acoustic guitar strings for beginnersYES! I have thrown the Epic Earnie Ball Regular Slinkys!

It’s an old trick of seasoned player who play bends on an

acoustic. There electric strings how ever using electric

strings on an Acoustic will make your hands very happy!



Hopefully this has been informative and entertaining for you if you, like my post drop a comment share do what you do and take it easy.