How To Pick A Pick For The Beginning Guitarist

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The Wide World Of Guitar Picks!

WOW! As if there wasn’t enough to think about already, eventually every guitarist asks themselves, ” what is the best kind of pick, heavy, medium, light?” While the answer is completely self driven it has everything to do with your style of playing in the quality of sound that you choose to produce.

What ever the style of music is country heavy metal blues rock jazz or something else in between. the type of pick you’ll eventually settle on an is entirely up to you. There’s a ton of opinions out there and all of them are valid, because they are all based on personal preference.

And I’ve used heavy picks,light picks, large picks, small picks, I’ve personally used a good variety of different textures and manufactures because they all seem to produce a little bit different sound and have a slightly different feel. One of the greatest things about guitar picks as you can take them or leave them what ever you want to do.

You can go looking for manufacturers, you can do a custom, at the end of the day what really matters is how it feels in how it sounds. There’s really not much else to it. What I’d recommend to you is to try a variety of different picks. Try different shapes sizes thicknesses experiments in short.

I use to trade with other players, still do. It always seems like there’s more out there and in what I’m aware of, which isn’t surprising because somebody’s always coming up with something new. I still experiment to this day, even after 20 years of playing. For me it just goes to show that experimentation is always best.

guitar picksThere is a particular pick that I’d come back to time and time again. It is a Dunlop Tortex 0.73 MM.

It’s not too smooth so I can keep a grip on it with sweaty fingers, and it’s just the right thickness for rhythm and solo playing.


Since my favorite will likely not be the same as yours here are few alternate suggestions to get you started!

This is a Fender Variety pack. These picks are made from celluloid, this pack comes with light ,Medium, and Heavy gauge.

This is a good place to start because you try out the different gauges to find what you like best!


This is a ChromaCast Sample Pack. Inexpensive and enough variety

to find your sound! Also comes with light to Heavy gauge !


Picks for the Rockers in your Life! Very colorful and full of personality.

Also made with celluloid, just as durable as top name brands!



This is a grab bag of JMS .

The cool this about this pack is comes with an assortment of sizes and materials.

Completely cost effective as well.


I hope this have been helpful and as always enjoy what are doing and have fun and keep playing!