Take Care Of Your Guitar!!!

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Why You Should Keep Your Interment Protected!

I was just reminded of an experience from seven years ago. I was playing a blue show at local cable access television program. And we worked so hard to get  our equipment into the studio and to get everything setup just to play. Yet we have a lot of fun. Anyway, it was the dead of winter in Wisconsin.

Whenever the engagement would come around I would have to carry all my gear out of the basement through the house and into my truck. Peddle board amplifier multiple guitars and cases. What a hassle. But it was a labor of love and so I did it.

The show will go on about 8:00 PM and we would play straight through for just a couple of hours. Between the drive time television studio setup and set up tear down time travel time it was an adventure. As you might imagine being on the move and you can get beat up a little bit. If you’ve been around you know just what I’m talking about.

So on this night seven years ago It was the same run around and loading gear running to the gig and getting set up. We play our show and packed up. While some time in the middle of playing a good snowstorm set in. It was normally a 45 minute drive home but not on this night.

The roads were dead, except for snowplows and the occasional car. It took an hour and 1/2 to make the drive. By the time I got home I was so beat tired I barely had enough strength to get my amplifier and peddle border and outs of the truck. I grabbed my guitar case on the second trip and went inside.

the next morning when I woke up I had gone out to my truck to realize I left my fender in a soft keys in the back of the truck. The temperature dropped overnight to less than -10 yes it got cold. Upon noticing my instruments in the back of the truck and take it up and brought it inside I opened up the gig bag to realize the body had cracked in two overnight.

Needless to say I was bumed, that pretty much sucked. It got so cold overnight that the moisture in the wood for froze and that fender was playable no more.

So The moral of the story is  take care of your instrument !

Think about like this you don’t wanna leave your instrument in an environment that you wouldn’t be comfortable in. Not too dry not to wet not too hot not too cold.

General Care is important,

Here are some related product for the general care of your interment …

The Acoustic Guitar Humidifier.

Placing this device in the sound hole while your guitar is not in use will help  if you live in a humid climate, the humidity can wreck havoc on the wood your instrument is made from.


A basic Polish will go a long way in keeping the original luster of your guitar.

This Ernie Ball Polish and Rag is inexpensive and easy to use.

(P.S. it’s cheap ) And work great.


As always I hope you’ve enjoyed this and  keep on playing.