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Yamaha APX500IIIVS Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar Review

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Yamaha APX500IIIVS Acoustic Guitar for beginners If you are still on the hunt for a fantastic entry-level acoustic electric guitar which

balances an unusual sound with a reasonable price, then this thin-line cutaway acoustic guitar for

beginners by Yamaha is an excellent choice for you.

The Yamaha APX500III is one of the best guitar for beginners who want to learn how to play guitar.

It has an affordable price tag, provides excellent playability,

and offer an electric option which most players expect.

The Yamaha APX500III features the classic dreadnought shape with the single Venetian-style cutaway which offers easier access to the higher frets.

This acoustic guitar features a spruce top with a nato back and sides with a natural finish. So if you are looking for an instrument more traditional looking, then this acoustic guitar might be the one for you.

The spruce top offers a great deal of clarity. Hence ideal for players whose style wants a broad dynamic response and a booming weighty tone.

Additionally, this cutaway guitar features non-scalloped X-bracing which serves not only to deliver support to the top, but it also maximizes the body resonance to attain full natural tone.

The fingerboard is made of the rosewood and features 22 reachable frets, thanks to its body cutaway.

The black headstock comes equipped with six die-cast chrome tuners with the Yamaha name and logo in mother of pearl.

The body of this acoustic guitar is thin. The standard size of this acoustic guitar for beginners is around 25.6-inches and weighs only 4 pounds.

This means it is compact and very easy to carry around wherever you are going and even when playing it.

The nato/rosewood combination of neck and fingerboard, adds the complexity to the highs while thickening the lows and the right amount of punch and honk to mid-range.

The APX acoustic guitars are available in a variety finishes including classic natural, monochromatic black, dusk sun red, black, and vintage sunburst

. Hence allowing to choose the color and style that meets your taste.

When it comes to performance, the Yamaha APX500III is big in sound with a lot of resonance, thanks to its non-scalloped X-type bracing.

The recognizable oval soundhole enables for ample low-end.

We can say it is naturally pretty bassy, but still bright and relatively well-balanced.

Then tonal range becomes even broader when you plug into an amp, thanks to its controls-piddling with the lows and highs, you can dial in whatever tone you want.

The bundles come including:

  • Yamaha APX500IIIVS Thinline acoustic/electric cutaway guitar, vintage sunburst
  • Know 39-inches hardshell guitar case
  • On stage tubular guitar tripod stand with Velveteen Padding and security strap
  • CF Martin M140 80/20 bronze wound light gauge guitar strings
  • Guitar Capo
  • Guitar strap – black
  • At a glance DVD beginning guitar

Key Features and Specifications of Yamaha APX500IIIVS Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar

  • Thinline body provides astonishing comfort, top fret access, and an incredible sound for on-stage use
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Nato back and sides
  • Nato neck
  • Non-scalloped X-bracing that maximizes the resonance of the body for a full, natural tone
  • Under-saddle piezo pickup with three band equalizer and adjustable mid-range frequency control
  • Precision chromatic tuner
  • Tuning machines: die-cast
  • Number of frets: 22
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Weighs 6.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 43.1-inches by 20.4-inches by 4.9-inches

What we liked

  1. Excellent onboard electronics with a remarkable built-in tuner.
  2. It is available in multiple color options.
  3. The sound output is outstanding.
  4. It is compact and lightweight hence very easy to hold and play, as well as carrying it wherever you go.
  5. The acoustic guitar is excellent quality.

What we didn’t like

  1. The nut and saddle are plastic.
  2. It comes with the carrying case not included.


In Conclusion 

The Yamaha APX500IIIVS Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar is the best acoustic guitar for beginners you are going to find on the market.

The packages come fully loaded with everything you need just to get started.

For sure, this acoustic guitar for beginners is worth considering. I recommend you purchuse this instrument package form Amazon where you will get the best price for your money.  


Fender FA-100 Limited Edition Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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Fender FA-100- Acoustic Guitar for beginners Review Fender is a remarkable, well-known brand name in the guitar making industry. They have been around since the 1930s and have been in the acoustic guitar business for decades.

This means the Fender is a trustworthy brand which has stood the test of time. Here we will share with you Fender FA-100 Beginner acoustic guitar.

Besides being affordable, the Fender FA-100 is actually quite a decent guitar. The Fender FA-100 acoustic guitar pack has everything from the exclusive Fender headstock, bridge, pickguard shape, to the forward mounted strap button, and comes with a 6mm padded gigbag.

This inexpensive acoustic guitar for beginners offers the tone of more expensive instruments, so get ready and begin playing now.

The Fender FA-100 is a decent dreadnought guitar style with a laminated spruce top and basswood back and sides. It features a rosewood fretboard and the Fenders signature headstock shape. The tuners of this acoustic guitar are chrome plated and also comes with a standard gloss finish.

The guitar is very affordable and provides a very decent performance for what it is. All in all, the sound you will get from the Fender FA-100 acoustic guitar should be satisfying enough for those who have never played guitar before.

Considering its affordable price, maybe you would have guessed, the Fender did not spend too much on the hardware for the FA-100. The Fender FA-100 offers a standard rosewood bridge with the synthetic compensated saddle on top.

When playing the Fender FA-100, you should be able to press your fingers down to the fretboard quite easily. This’s the playability, and for an entry level guitar, it is actually not that bad. So the closer those strings are to the fretboard, the easier it is to play.

Since the guitar is a dreadnaught, you should expect a decent amount of volume at your disposal. The trebles sound pretty decent when you begin moving onto the higher notes. Overall, the Fender FA-100 provides a decent full-bodied sound that the job is done for any newbie guitarist.

Key Features and Specifications of Fender FA-100 Limited Edition Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

  • Dreadnought body style
  • Maple neck with 20-fret rosewood fingerboard
  • Rosewood bridge with the compensated bone saddle
  • Natural gross finish spruce top with X-bracing
  • Basswood back and sides
  • 6-string
  • Die-cast tuning machine
  • White with black dots bridge pins

What we liked

  1. This acoustic guitar is remarkable if you want something which will stay tuned.
  2. The guitar produces warm, resonant sound that is versatile no matter what style you enjoy playing.
  3. The neck is thin enough allowing you to gain comfort playing the guitar.
  4. It is affordable – the Fender FA-100 is one of the cheapest and best guitars for beginners you will find worth buying.
  5. It is a full-sized dreadnaught and not a half size of the 3/ 4 size guitar.

What we didn’t like

  1. The sound quality is not that great – but most beginners won’t hear to realize it.


In Conclusion 

If you’re looking for the best acoustic guitar for beginners, then the Fender FA-100 Limited Edition Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is an excellent choice for you. This acoustic is great quality. It is very convenient and super comfortable to hold and play on the stage. For under $150, this acoustic has everything you need to learn and start playing guitar.I recommend purchasing this package from Amazon where you will get the most for you money.  


Review of Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle for Beginners

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acoustic guitar for beginnersLet’s take a closer look at the Fender  Acoustic Guitar

The Fender  Acoustic Guitar features a full-size dreadnought body for a full and vibrant tone. With this guitar, you can play all styles of music with ease.

The synthetic bone saddle of this acoustic guitar comes compensated to match the rosewood bridge hence giving it a streamlined look.

It comes laminated with a spruce top with the laminated nato back, and sides with a sleek gloss finish, hence making it look more attractive. Also, this acoustic guitar features a rosewood bridge detailed with white bridge pins and black dots.

The Fender  Acoustic Guitar houses a nato neck which holds a dot-inlaid 20 fret rosewood fingerboard hence allowing you play the guitar smoothly without hurting your fingers.

Besides the dot-inlaid 20 fret rosewood fingerboard, this Fender acoustic guitar comes included with an Austin Bazaar DVD that provides all the instructions you need to operate it.

Additionally, the Fender Squire Acoustic Guitar comes equipped with a built-in tuner which helps you get right with those flats and sharps.

Another thing you will love most about this acoustic guitar is the extra accessories it comes packed with.

The package comes included with a stand, polishing cloth, clip-on-tuner, strings, string winder, strap, picks, and a hard shell case from the Gearlux which makes it easy to carry around.

Specifications and Key Features of Fender Acoustic Guitar

  • Laminated spruce topacoustic guitar for beginners
  • Chrome plated tuning pegs
  • Gloss natural finish
  • Nato neck
  • Laminated nato back and sides
  • Fully-sized dreadnought body which offers a richer tone
  • Rosewood Bridge with a compensated synthetic bone saddle
  • 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with the dot inlays
  • Hand orientation: right-handed
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Item weight: 9.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 45.8-inches by 6-inches by 17.8-inches


What we liked

    1. The full-size dreadnought body of this instrument offers you a greater guitar playing experience with a full and vibrant tone which is adaptable to play all the music styles.
    2. The laminated nato back and sides, and spruce top with a natural gloss finish makes it durable enough to withstand day to day guitar lessons.
    3. It is very easy to maintain, thanks to its chrome-plated tuning machines which provides utmost convenience and sufficient satisfaction during the training.
    4. The sound output is incredible.
    5. It comes included with a detailed DVD guide which makes it easy to use the guitar.
    6. It is well-sized measuring and weighing only 9 pounds which ensure you conduct your lessons peacefully.

What we didn’t like

  1. The case is a bit heavy making it difficult to carry around.


The Bottom Line

Overall, the Fender Acoustic Guitar is an excellent instrument you will find no complaints. It is best acoustic guitar for beginners and for those who are returning to playing guitar after many years. The tuners and the strings are of excellent quality and are well-placed allowing you to enjoy the simplicity on the fingerboard and avoid hurting your fingers when playing. Also, the Fender Squire Acoustic Guitar is very easy to set up, very convenient and super comfortable when playing it.

You get a full package which comprises of everything you want to start learning and playing guitar. In my opinion this Fender  Acoustic Guitar is worth every penny. I recommend going to Amazon where you will get the best price.