Is The Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Guitar The Best For Beginners?

best acoustic guitar for beginners - Epiphone PR4-EThe Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Guitar Player Package is the best place to begin your adventures in guitar playing.

Epiphone has become very popular over the years and specializes in affordable and excellent sounding instruments,

and the Epiphone PR-4E is no exception.

So if you are on the lookout for a cheap acoustic guitar for beginners, or your looking for the best acoustic guitar for the money,the

Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric GuitarPlayer Package is definitely the one for you. Why spend tons of money on a high acoustic guitar

when you can get the best guitar for beginners at a reasonable price.

The Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Guitar Player Package offers the new player a chance to learn on an acoustic guitar which

has both excellent sound and quality construction at a great price.

Is This The Best Acoustic Guitar For The Money?

Well consider, it comes included with a 15 watts acoustic guitar amp, guitar, 1/4 inch. inputs, and built-in chorus, a clip-on headstock tuner,

a guitar cable, a strap, a gig bag, online lessons from eMediaTM, and much more.

What surprised us the most about this acoustic guitar is the fact that Epiphone in some way managed to use the quality mahogany wood at a price this low.

The Epiphone PR-4E features a spruce top with a natural finish and mahogany body.

The top of the acoustic guitars acts as the kind of soundboard and the source of its voice. The Epiphone PR-4E spruce top is supported by the vintage style X-bracing,

which not only helps the top but also offers it considerable volume and balance for its size. This acoustic guitar is perfect for songwriters too!Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic Guitar for Beginers

It does not suffer from sounding scooped or boom like other beginner guitars,

thanks to its quality construction and the combination of mahogany and spruce.

The Venetian cutaway enables easy access to the upper frets and provides the Epiphone PR-4E

a distinctive profile which is modern and classic too.

The Epiphone PR-4E mahogany body has five layers white and black binding while the mahogany neck features a pro-standard rosewood fingerboard.

1.68-inches nut, and a single layer white binding alongside the neck. Additionally, it comes equipped with premium die-cast

14:1 ratio tuners on the headstock and a classic 1960s era Epiphone logo.

Electric / Acoustic Features

The Epiphone PR-4E features built-in electronics fixed on the upper bout.

Also, it features easy-to-operate and cut controls dials for treble, mid, and bass. There is also a phase switch and low-battery light indicator along with a volume control of course.

The Epiphone studio acoustic 15C amp is a great match to amplify the guitar’s rich tone. The onboard EQ section enables you to quickly and easily

make fine adjustments for optimum sound. Another impressive thing about this acoustic guitar is the XLR mic input with its volume control.

This means you can play music anyplace with just your guitar, amp, and the microphone.

When It Comes To Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners…

The Epiphone PR-4E comes packed with a comprehensive online lesson for the eMedia.

This means that as a new player, you can get the guitar and dive in right away and start playing.

The Epiphone PR-4E comes included with a gig bag which makes it easy to carry around that crowd. Additionally,

it consists of a strap which allows you to hang it on your shoulders while playing.

Key Features and Specifications of Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Guitar Player Package

  • Spruce topEpiphone PR-4E Acoustic Guitar for Beguiners
  • Mahogany body
  • Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 1.68-inches nut
  • Chrome tuners
  • Under-saddle piezo pickup
  • X-bracing body
  • Guitar lesson instructional DVD
  • Strap and cord
  • Gig bag
  • Acoustic 15-amplifier with 15 watts, three band equalizers, and chorus

What we liked

  1. It is inexpensive.
  2. This acoustic guitar is very comfortable and offers easy access to the frets.
  3. The passive piezo pickup is impressive, with volume control.
  4. It is durable, thanks to its mahogany neck.
  5. The guitar has dual cutaway that reach the higher frets with ease.
  6. The package comes fully complete to get you started right away.

What we didn’t like

  1. It doesn’t come with the left-handed version.

In Conclusion 

If you are  on the hunt for the best acoustic guitar for beginners, then the Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Guitar Player Package is the right equipment for you.

It comes featuring everything you want just to get you started.

You will get acoustic guitar amp, electronic tuner, a gig bag, adjustable strap, picks, and much more at an affordable price. I recommend you purchase this bundle from Amazon where you’ll get the best price.